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Company name Smabi LLC
Address 1-37-3,Yamato-cho,Nakano-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Establishment 01/Oct 2015
Capital 4,000,000JPY
President Fumiaki Nomura
Main bank Seibu shinkin bank
Accounting preriod January

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Shop name pucapuca
Company Smabi LLC
Address 1-37-3,Yamato-cho,Nakano-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

Privacy policy statement

1. We respect personal data and are committed to full implementation and compliance with the data protection principles and all relevant
provisions of the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. We shall ensure that our staff handling personal data would comply with the
required standards of security and confidentiality.

2. Registration with this website (“Site”) would require you to give us your personal information (such as your age,
sex, and email). We may also collect payment related information (such as credit card details) and other personal information that we believe
to be relevant to your use of this Site.

3. The personal data we collect may be used for our administrative, academic, research, statistical, marketing, audit and prescribed purposes
as permitted by us and the law from time to time. We shall reveal personal information to any external organization only if required by law or
with the prior consent of you. However, data may also be used in aggregate form for research and marketing purposes, and in such
circumstances individual data shall not be revealed. Such data may be used by other companies under contractual activities with us for the
above-mentioned purposes.

4. The personal data supplied to us such as email addresses may be used for communication and promotion provided that you always have the
right to refuse receiving further marketing materials.

5. Under the Japanese Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, individuals have the right to request access to and correction of their personal data.
It is also our intention to keep your personal information on our records accurate and up-to-date.
We could also delete certain personal information held by us should you wish us to do so but this may affect your use of the Site and/ or our
services to you.
Smabi LLC
1-37-3,Yamato-cho, Nakano-ku, 1650034 Tokyo JAPAN
P.+81-3-4405-9671 F.+81-3-3339-3322

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